I think I finally figured out what true love really means

We think it means fairy tales and skyrockets, but in reality it's much simpler than that. The true embodiment of love is a soul that is kind and who can offer up a steady hand. It's being able to drift off to sleep and wake up knowing that your heart is safe. It's the knowledge that your heart is being held carefully, faithfully–even, and especially, when things get hard. It's realizing that nobody can give one hundred percent all the time, and being able to step up your percentage with needed, and being allowed to step back as well.

Love is not perfect, and it's the understanding that it doesn't need to be for it to work, that makes it fluorish. We will make mistakes in love. We will fall down. There will be moments of despair. The moments of pure bliss will be less frequent than the humdrum of daily life. But, we will know that they are there, waiting to be enjoyed. And the knowledge that the humdrum is just as beautiful as the bliss will grow our love. And we will get angry, speak loudly, have bad days, and take advantage of each other. But, that's what we are here for, to be the safety net for each other, to hold on and let go as needed. Each mistake and each triumph will equally build our love without us even knowing. And we will love each other.

At the end of the day, drifting off to sleep and knowing with a confident absoluteness that your heart is safe…..that's the important part, that is true love.



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