The Story Keeps Getting More Unbelievable

My intended post today was going to be the letter this woman wrote to my husband. It was handwritten because I had already hacked into every single other electronic way that they could talk to each other. He had left his truck parked in a lot while he rode with one of his partners to a job site. I decided to record him that day since it wouldn't take long and I wouldn't have to weed through my children's voices to get to the bad parts. I literally found out yesterday that she wrote this letter to my husband 4 days after another woman caught her with her husband and 12 days after she slept with this other man here in my hometown. Here she is pouring out her love for my husband days after sleeping with someone else's husband:









4 thoughts on “The Story Keeps Getting More Unbelievable

  1. I hate to comment when I haven’t followed the whole story but this popped up and holy hell that woman is evil. I can’t help but say that. And how you are letting her live after reading it and knowing what you know… are a strong woman.

    1. I honesty do not know sometimes how I keep my composure. Evil is the right word. We have all known people who are evil, but they are straightforward about being evil. She is a piece of work. Knowing that she slept with two married men (that we know of) at the same time while being married is mind boggling. It’s going to take a while to recover from that knowledge.

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