Just like the others

It would be an understatement to say that I loved my husband wtih a deep passion. I still got excited to see him when it was time for him to come home from work. He held my hand in the car and wherever we went. We had sex every night. We were happy with our large family and it showed to everyone around us. We were frequently called an “example”. And all of that makes all of this so much harder to swallow. How is it that this great husband and great father could have possibly fallen into such a large hole? And how could he have fallen into this hole with someone who is known for many one-night-stands, alcoholism, cheating on her husband, and just generally being disliked in the office? These are the questions I ask myself every single day.

Mostly my questions go unanswered. Even if I asked him, which I have of course, with the amount of lies that has been told, there is no way to know whether his answers are truths or lies. This is also difficult. Before all of this….everyone who knew him would have said he was the most honorable man they knew. I would have never guessed that I would not know if the man I loved was lying or telling the truth. I suppose she never got that side, since it was all lies from her end from the very start. She had to know this. Unless she was delusional, she must have known that every single word dripping like honey from his mouth was a bold face lie. Maybe she didn’t realize this at first, but eventually she must have. I wonder how you can enter into a relationship knowing for sure that the man is cheating on you already….with his wife.

When you are someone like this person though, it really was never about winning him. It was more about beating me. I have no doubt that she would have grown tired of him when the thrill of the hunt was over. She saw him as unattainable, which made the hunt even more exciting. Everyone knew him as a family man, a good man, an upstanding man…and that was exactly what her motive was, to prove he was just like every other man out there…and I suppose she succeeded in that.


2 thoughts on “Just like the others

  1. I hope I get to the point where the other woman doesnt even exist day to day thoughts. That she doesn’t matter one bit! It’s not about her versus me for his attention, admiration and affection. I honestly just want her to not exist at all! That is what I am hoping for.

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