I wondered if I would find a rabbit boiling on my stove

After her suicide attempt, and subsequent knowledge that she had lost the battle, not only did I fear what she might do, so did he. A woman who calls up the wife and mentions that he bought her sheets and that they made love on them is not a woman who expected to lose. She clearly expected to win. But, of course she did, because in the past she had always won. She was arrogant about who she was and and ignorant about who I am. And in this particular case her arrogance betrayed her right along with him.

She did not return to the office until about two weeks later. Upon doing that, she moved out of her shared office and they set her up in an empty room. As someone who is arrogant, sharing an office was a bit much for her to take. Being there was a bit much for her to take, as in a small office word of her suicide attempt spread a bit quicker than the wildest wildfire. I imagine her focus shifted to getting out of there as quickly as possible, and a few months later, she did just that. Not only did I rejoice, but from what I understand, so did her former officemates. She was not well-liked, and maybe that explains why she ended up with my husband, as he is always nice to everyone. However, in the past, before any of this, he had described her as white trash. I’m not sure why he abandoned his first impression, except perhaps, sex trumps white trash?

She, of course, tried to save face by sending him an email that stated there were no regrets, blah, blah, blah. She had to say that. She had to cover up her humiliation, even with him. And at times I feel sorry for her. He had even told me once that he felt sorry for her. It’s funny how our circumstances reveal who we are. She always came across as this confident woman. But, she was anything but confident. Her insecurities now screaming loudly for everyone to hear. But, they were screaming before, we just weren’t listening. At 28 she married a much older man, and by her own admission to me, for his money. She had many one-night-stands, by her own admission to him. Her promiscuity equalling insecurity on a grand level.

But, worst of all, was the realization that my Superman is just an ordinary man with no super powers and his own insecurities that went beyond what I imagined.


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